Projects & Studies

puna lava coastThe Planning Department gathers information to assist Planners in evaluating factors pertinent to land use on the Big Island. Our geology is unique within the State and the nation. In certain areas, physical factors are particularly important. Below are some documents significant to this effort.

Tsunami Education
A Blueprint for Coastal Communities – January, 2009 (PDF 12.6Mb)
A Blueprint for Coastal Communities – January, 2009 (text)

The 1960 Tsunami in Hawai‘i: Long Term Consequences of Coastal Disaster
Working Paper 12-16; UH Mānoa Dept of Economics

Infrastructure and Public Facilities Needs Assessment
Information about the IPFNA Study, results from Community-Stakeholder Meetings, helpful information About Impact Fees, Draft Ordinances initiated by the County Council, and relevant Correspondences are available here.

Kapoho Subsidence Study
Coastal Subsidence Study (PDF 1.14Mb) or text
This study commenced in July of 2005 to help address the many shoreline and hazard issues associated with the Kapoho area. This report helps to determine the extent of inundation and provide suggested solutions, alternatives and options. This is not an easy task, since the area is at high risk from natural hazards, which is compounded by the issue of subsidence.

Puna Regional Circulation Plan
The Final Report November 2005 (PDF 13.17Mb) or text
To develop a long-range transportation plan through a community-based planning process that builds consensus among the many stakeholders in the Puna District.

Hawai‘i County Food Sustainability Report
Prepared by the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, 2012

Review of the Last Eight Years in County Planning
November 28, 2008 out-going statement by former Planning Director, Chris Yuen.