Planning and Community Vision for Downtown Hilo

Original painting created for EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025 by Jennifer Shurley

Downtown Hilo has seen better days. And worse, too. One way the Planning Department seeks solutions for revitalizing businesses and improving Community interaction on the Windward side is through public meetings where we share and discuss ideas. These meetings have produced websites that are vital resources for our Community. The Internet makes participation possible to many who cannot attend meetings in person.

The first website is EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025. This is the County website for a long-term planning effort that was initiated in 2005 with a Community-Based Vision and Living Action Plan for Downtown Hilo. Most of the Planning Department efforts for Downtown Hilo refer to this Plan for guidance and inspiration. Please check out all the documents for EDH2025.

Initially, a second website was available as an off-shoot of the first in the sense it took ideas generated by the EDH2025 efforts and provided a readily accessible 24/7 portal for sharing and commenting on actionable ideas provided by local stakeholders (that’s anyone living in or around the downtown area or with a vested or professional interest). The Our Downtown Hilo website has captured local stakeholder’s project ideas along with comments from the general public for all of the proposed projects.

The captured ideas are anticipated as doable projects for the Downtown area and range over a very broad realm of subjects, reflecting the diverse thoughts and dreams of the people who use the Downtown area. The object is positive, productive dialog leading to action for the good of Downtown Hilo, its citizens and businesses. Some of the most popular projects, so far, have been Let’s Grow Hilo, the Hilo Bayfront Trails project, creating a Kaipalaoa Landing Park, and a plan to Revitalize Kalākaua Park.

You are encouraged to visit these websites and support these projects that represent the ideals and vision of the EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025 Plan and Downtown Hilo’s citizens and businesses.  It is your ideas and your energy that makes things happen where you live.


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