Infrastructure and Public Facilities Needs Assessment

Lehua flowers imageIn 2005, the County of Hawai‘i Planning Department contracted with Helber Hastert & Fee Planners (HHF)  to conduct an Infrastructure and Public Facilities Needs Assessment (IPFNA) Study – September, 2006.  HHF subcontracted with Duncan Associates of Austin Texas to develop the Study.

According to Hawai‘i Revised Statutes (HRS), Chapter 46, Impact Fees can only be assessed by a County for public facility capital improvements costs identified in a needs assessment study provided an impact fee ordinance is adopted.

Subsequent to the completion of the IPFNA, the County of Hawai‘i administration did not introduce an impact fee ordinance. Several unsuccessful attempts were initiated by the Hawai‘i County Council to adopt an Impact Fee Ordinance in 2008 and 2010.

Information about the IPFNA Study, results from Community-Stakeholder Meetings, helpful information about Impact Fees, Draft Ordinances initiated by the County Council, and relevant Correspondences are available below.

Infrastructure and public facilities needs assessment (IPFNA) study

Final IPFNA Study – 2006 (PDF 1.8Mb) / text
IPFNA Policy Analysis Memo – Jan-2006 (PDF 2.5Mb) / text
IPFNA Growth Analysis Memo – Jan-2006 (PDF 1.7Mb) / text
IPFNA Ordinance Issues Memo – Mar-2006 (PDF 241Kb) / text
Impact Fee Ordinance, Duncan Draft, 9-15-2006 (PDF 83Kb) / text

about Impact fees

Q&A Video Conference – Jan-17-2006 (PDF 55Kb) / text
Duncan Presentation Jan-17-2006 (PDF 486Kb) / text
Duncan Presentation – Aug-15 & 16-2006 (PDF 932Kb) / text
IPFNA  Q & A Aug-15 & 16-2006 (PDF 28Kb) / text
Impact Fee FAQs Aug-21-2006 (PDF 23Kb) /text
Hawai‘i Revised Statues, Chapter 46, Impact Fee (PDF 26Kb)
/ text
Impact Fee Definitions (PDF 67Kb) / text
Impact Fee Fact Sheet (PDF 104Kb) / text

community stakeholder meetings

Stakeholder Focus Group Comments Nov-18 & 21-2005 (PDF 79Kb) / text
Video Conference Evaluation – Jan-17-2006 (PDF 21Kb) / text
Stakeholder Workshops Data –  Mar-2006 (PDF 100Kb) / text

county council bills – 2008 effort

Council Bill 324 Draft – 2008 (PDF 1.24Mb) / text
Council Notice of IPFNA PH – Aug-2008 (PDF 60Kb) / text
Draft Ordinance-Bill 324 – Oct-02-2008 (PDF 1.99Mb) / text
Council Agenda-Bill 324 – Oct-07-2008 (PDF 95Kb) / text

county council bills – 2010 effort

Council Bill 304 Draft 3 – 2008-2010 (PDF 1.3Mb) / text

impact fee correspondences

Letter from Yuen re: Video Conference Invite – Jan-2006 (PDF 26Kb) / text
Letter from Mayor Kim to Council – April-2007 (PDF 567Kb) / text
Letter from Yuen to Hoffmann – Sept-2008 (PDF 233Kb) / text
Memo from Yagong to Planning Dept re: 304 Draft – April-2011 (PDF 365Kb) / text
Letter from Planning Dept to Council re: Bill 304 Draft 3 – Sept-2011 (PDF 90Kb) / text