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Public Presentations to Community Development Plan Committees:  April-June 2017

The County of Hawaiʻi General Plan Comprehensive Review Team hosted a series of collaborative meetings with each of the Community Development Plan (CDP) Action and Steering Committees. These meetings were intended to provide an overview of the General Plan Comprehensive Review, its relationship to the Community Development Plans, and afford the CDP Committees an opportunity for questions, discussion, and recommendations to the Planning Director.   Presentation slides for each meeting are available here.

Past Events:
  • Hāmākua CDP Steering Committee – June 8,  – North Hawai‘i Education and Research Center (NHERC)
  • Puna CDP Action Committee – June 13,  – Pāhoa Neighborhood Facility
  • North Kohala CDP Action Committee – June 19, – Kohala Intergenerational Center
  • Kona CDP Action Committee – June 21, – West Hawai‘i Civic Center, Council Chambers
  • South Kohala CDP Action Committee – June 26, – Waikoloa Village Association Community Room
  • Ka‘ū CDP Steering Committee – June 28,  – Nāʻālehu Community Center

Previous updates

  • Public Input Forums:  On August 23 and 25, 2016, Public Input Forums were held to get residents’ feedback on alternatives for future growth.  The presentation slides are available here.  Electronic “keypad polling” was used during the Forums (along with paper surveys at remote sites) to record participants’ input.  If you were not able to attend, you may view the presentation and complete the online survey.  Online surveys completed by October 30 were compiled with all of the other results and used to inform the comprehensive review of the General Plan.
  • Initial contracted analysis: In 2015, Placeways was engaged to use CommunityViz to support scenario planning for the General Plan.  SMS Hawai‘i was also contracted to provide historic trend and future forecasts data and analysis, and Planning Consultants Hawai‘i was engaged to inventory and assess scenic resources.
  • Initial in-house analysis: In 2015, County planners began comparing the 2005 General Plan with the adopted CDPs and started background research into key topics addressed in the General Plan, including natural resources, hazards, historic & cultural resources, housing, transportation, water, waste, public safety, and parks.
  • Initial input: Through October 2015, the Planning Director received and summarized initial input from the public, CDP Action Committees, and County Council.
  • February 2015: The Planning Director initiated the comprehensive review of the Hawai‘i County General Plan.

Visit the Comprehensive Review page for information about the Review timeline.


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