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Hawai`i County General Plan Comprehensive Review

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General Plan Update
The Hawai‘i County General Plan is reviewed every ten years. The County’s existing General Plan was adopted in 2005, and a lot has happened on Hawai‘i Island since then. Everything that has transpired, including population growth, natural disasters, technological advancements, and sustainability efforts, is being considered in the General Plan. The Planning Director is responsible for leading the review process and recommending amendments to the Plan.

General Plan Review Process Timetable
Reviewing the General Plan is a comprehensive process that takes three years to complete; the current review process kicked-off in February 2015. The Planning Director anticipates sending recommended amendments to the Planning Commission in August 2017, after which it will be reviewed and adopted by the County Council.Timeline of dates for the general plan reveiw process


CDPs with Respect to the General Plan
The 2005 General Plan established a process—the Community Development Plan (CDP) program—to translate island-wide goals and priorities put forth in the General Plan into action-items that could be executed on a district level. The CDP program has been a forum for communities across Hawai‘i Island to express their views related to planning the future of their immediate area.

During the General Plan review process, CDPs will be assessed for consistency with the overarching Plan. While many CDP recommendations will likely be included in the General Plan, any differences will need to be reconciled. The General Plan provides the island-wide vision, so CDPs can stay focused on local policies that achieve the overall vision for Hawai‘i County. The General Plan likely also will provide further guidance on the future of CDPs.

Participating in the General Plan Review Process
The community can participate in the General Plan review by making suggestions to the CDP Action and Steering Committees, the Planning Director or the County Council. In addition, there will be public workshops in which participants will be asked for input on which long-term direction of the island should be advanced in the General Plan.

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