Follow the Bouncing Coqui

Hawaiian Coqui FrogCoqui Lament

By Kevin Reardon
Kevin is a Planning Dept Zoning Clerk and a member of the Puna Men’s Chorus
Here is his amusing take on one of our Big Island realities. Hey, got ‘ukulele?

Coqui Lament
(to the tune of “Sukiyaki”)

Our home was Minnesota.
We moved here to Hilo to
Escape the winters like those of North Dakota.
When it got dark,
‘Twas not a lark,
But what we heard were all the coquis.

Our friendly neighbor Walmart,
Brought coquis here at the start.
And now the numbers of frogs are way off the chart.
It isn’t right!
No silent nights
‘Cause of the noise of all the coquis.

They may be small
But they all
Are quite loud.
You’d lose a bet
That a jet
Drowns them out.

Though we may want it quiet
Some things we didn’t try yet,
Like citric acid and – hydrogen peroxi-ide.
That is the way,
So people say,
To massacre those noisy coquis.

They’re not so small
As we’ve all
Heard report.
They’ve grown more large
Since that barge
Entered port.

They say that chickens eat them,
But only if they meet them.
They also die when, from the sky, the sun’s rays heat them.
But which is worse,
The greater curse,
The crowing roosters or the coquis?
I’ll take the chirping of the coquis,
The sweet night music…[through clenched teeth] of the coquis.

*  ***  *********************  ***  *

[For more information about the coqui, here are two points of view to visit:
Hawai’i Dept of Agriculture Coqui Frog Information
Coqui Hawaiian Integration and Reeducation Project
The Planning Dept is made up of individuals who may have opinions about the coqui which vary from person to person and from time to time… ]

2 responses to “Follow the Bouncing Coqui

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with Pretty Bird above.
    Originally from Jamaica, if there are no frogs outside my bedroom window at night I have to play their song on my iPod.
    It’s not like they are hooting and hollering, traffic noise or wild partying… it is nature. If all who object would learn to love the sound they would be a lot happier… see it as music, not noise.
    Peace and Love.

  2. I love the Coqui here in Hawaii. I have lived in Colorado most of my life. This past year was spent in Puerto Rico and I was introduced to them with love from the Puerto Ricans. When relocating to Hawaii I was thinking, I am going to miss the night songs of the Coqui! And wow they are here! It’s nice I enjoy every aspect of what frogs do. Frogs are important to the eco system, they let us know how healthy our environment is as well as helping with the insect population. Loving the Coqui.

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