Downtown Hilo Multimodal Master Plan

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Working with SSFM International Inc., the County of Hawaiʻi Planning Department is in the process of developing the Downtown Hilo Multimodal Master Plan to address mobility and accessibility issues in the Downtown Hilo area.

In 2005, the County Council adopted the EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025: A Community-Based Vision and Living Action Plan (EDH 2025). The EDH 2025 Plan serves as a guide for planning in Downtown Hilo and establishes the strategies and actions for creating an environment that is sustainable, livable and attractive to its residents, workers, and visitors. Action 6.1 of the EDH 2025 Plan calls for the “development of a master plan to include traffic circulation, parking, and pedestrian streetscape.”

Established through a community and stakeholder driven process, the Multimodal Master Plan will define policies, programs, and projects which strive to improve overall mobility throughout the Downtown Hilo area and provide multi-modal connections to high activity locations. Using Complete Streets concepts, the Plan shall provide for a variety of transportation options to accommodate varied modes of transportation.

Stakeholder participation is very important and input will be invited through focus group and community meetings which will include presentations and interactive discussions. This stakeholder and community engagement will provide input on the project and inform the planning process.

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